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I follow my heart and purposefully put it at the top of the brain. Shiva Leela Book is a fictional work based on true incidents. I’m blessed to spend days at the Manasarovar Lake and foothills of Mt. Kailash. Experienced unimaginable phenomenon myself... 

An Empty Mind

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The details on Lord Shiva mentioned in the book may be fall short compared with His Greatness as I’m yet to receive His Grace on it. I believe every religion is true. This book is not to offend any other religion or person in any means. As this is my first book words didn’t come out from my empty mind. With His Grace and your support, I will work hard to write more in the coming days …  

About the Author

Ramesh V J


"Shiva Leela" is the first book from me published on Oct 17, 2019, inspired from my pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash on Aug 2014. Completed my first 8 years of schooling in Seventh Day. Next 4 years in JGM. Completed my high school from Ramakrishna Vidyalaya Matric School. Done my Engineering in VIT, Vellore.  Started an NGO SWF Trust from my college days and raised 1.2 Crore and served. Worked in HCL for 8 years and spent 1.5 years in the US. Learnt the concepts of Mesmerism and Hypnotism from Devi Institute, Kanyakumari.  Completed 3 Levels of Intense Landmark Education Courses on Self Discovery thru' Ontology, Coached thousands of people. Practised Transcendental Meditation from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Sudarshan Kriya from AOL, Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya from isha, Buddhist meditations for so many years. Motivational speaker for various colleges and schools. Spontaneously connects with people. Declared to touch and inspire at least 2.5 crore lives on or before Aug 29 2026 ...  


Mount Kailash

The mystical mountain which made millions into Absolute Nothing didn't spare me too. When I was there at its foothills it erased all the information I learned in all those years. An hour felt like a moment and I felt tears rolling for no reason.


Shiva and Shakthi in Microcosm

If we go 10 to the power of 100 and 10 to the power of -100 you will find both will look alike and its proved with the current advancement in science. Above image is from microcosm neurons.


Shiva and Shakthi in Macrocosm

 If we go 10 to the power of 100 and 10 to the power of -100 you will find both will look alike and its proved with the current advancement in science. Above image is from macrocosm galaxy.


Gravitational Waves

When high mass Black Holes collide it will disturb the very fabric of Time and Space of the Universe. In our story, our hero Shiva caught up accidentally in those Gravitational Wave and experience something unimaginable.


Nature commands, We Obey

We are all mere puppets in the hands of Nature. When it decides and commands we have to obey. But few went beyond Nature with the help of Mahadev Lord Shiva.


Mesmerizing Eyes

The heroines in our story will hypnotize you with their eyes. Even though their story is imaginary, their love is not. They loved with the same length and breadth similar to goddess love for their beloved.


Other side of Life

In the eyes of Mahadev Lord Shiva, there is nothing bad or evil. He will bless everything and everyone. Our antagonist is a strong female personality playing her strong role in the balance of the world.


Dancing at CERN

You can't name a place where Lord Shiva's footprint is not there. Since He is Mahakaal beyond Space and Time. He will dance in the mind of atheist too for Him there is no distinction.

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